Jul and Paul Kalkbrenner venue in Michele Abama’s polyvalent corridor

Playing the game of the most exquisite music scene at CROUGERES!

On sunday morning after party at Michele’s, Jul will be offering free Wifi tatoos all night long thanks to his DIY latte macchiatto. User experience will be unprecedented in this metascene and homemade. Beautiful people from Friedrichshain listen to « sort le cross voler » by tremendous and shiny Jul, while the hairy Paul Kalkbrenner will be gluten-free for two days! Expect the vibe to be best brewed in underground Brooklyn connected to your sharing community through a worldwide vegan brunch, including your fluokids, japanese NY bagels, meta porn culture, gonzo flat design open source websites and finally jeopardizing your creative emulation.

Fathers with organic mustaches I’d Like to Fuck will be welcome on classic motorcycles, even if second hand creative directors will be purchased on a social economy vintage market as well as Instagram. Dystopian DJ booth sponsored by APC spreads through the vinyl record made out of natural wood from Twin Peaks and played by Paul Kalkbrenner in his special metalounge. This is fantastic! This is partying, this is Crougeres.

Jul doing his fixie

Jul doing his fixie